Thursday, February 27, 2020

Information System in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Information System in business - Essay Example The health club leveraged upon the technology and other software’s which increased its productivity, efficiency and ultimately the profitability. Technology has transformed the overall business environment; the processes that had been traditionally manual are now automated. The way communication is done and mediums of communication have been transformed as well thus transformation can be felt in every business practice today. The concept of information systems in business environment is often termed as management information system; this concept was coined in the 1960s and ever since has been integrating the computer technology and the systems to data processing in business. It was also evident in the 60’s that the computer was serving as a solution to the business manual, clerical tasks. The systems was able to provide information on past, present and also helped in future projections for the business or organizational purposes, thus providing the right information to the right people at the right time (Various Advantages of Information Management Systems). Although information systems have been around for a while however they are continually evolving thus offering many possibilities for the business operations. ... ific function or specific purpose, however the changing dynamics of the business and due to increase in market competition and customer expectation, the businesses need to adopt a more value-added customer oriented service, reduction in time to market new product and services, to manage the operational costs and ultimately adoption of work method that are compliant with the ever changing business needs. Thus to increase the operational efficiency the use of Information systems is required by the businesses (Pappa & Stergioulas, 2008) Innovative Information Technology applications give several advantages to the business for its operations to remain competitive in the business environment, thus serving as a direct strategic advantage for the business. Inclusion of information systems in the business allow better management of resources, while having complete control over the offices/locations, having speedy communication and give better decision making ability by providing all the info rmation in a readily timely manner. Moreover the business is likely to establish partnerships and links with all the partners associated with the business in an efficient and effective way. Another important factor that information systems provide the business in order to remain competitive is the competitive business intelligence. This keeps the business up-to-date in all respects by analyzing the information about the services, products, competitors and the changes in the business environment. Thus, making use of the information can help the business take the first movers advantage and have an edge over the competitors (Laudon, 2008). Information systems also provide differentiation opportunity (Goessl, 2008) to the business, thus making it stand out from the competition. Thus the

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